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Our Team have extensive experience in Client/Server software solutions on a wide range of functional areas (e.g. Payroll, Financial Accounting, Inventory, E-learning Software Solutions etc.) with strong emphasis on optimized coding, an easy to use front-end and a reduced cost too!

We do application development on both Windows and Linux platforms. We have experience in developing client/server and multitier database applications as well as stand alone desktop solutions. We are focused on delivering customized application software solutions in client/server platform and in web domain. We also take care of more routine IT tasks like application maintenance (bug fixes, new features etc.), testing of web based solutions, etc...

Our typical services include:

  • Client server based software application in various platforms like Visual Basic, SQL Server, Oracle etc
  • Web Application Development in .NET, ASP, PHP,Perl etc
  • Systems Programming in C, C++, Visual C++    

We provide high quality softwares with in affordable price. The benefits we are offering

  • Low Cost
  • Fully Object Oriented Development
  • MVC Model
  • Highly Commented Coding
  • Full Documentations

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